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Top 5 deadliest Disaster of SpaceFlight ever happened!!

 Space travel is tricky work that takes careful calculations and even more careful actions when situations get tough. After the Soviet Union launched Sputnik in 1957, the United States entered a fierce competition with their Communist rivals for dominance in space. The ensuing space race was filled with many notable successes – including American astronauts walking and playing golf on theContinue reading “Top 5 deadliest Disaster of SpaceFlight ever happened!!”


The Mass of a Rocket is important for two reasons : An object with less mass accelerates more quickly. An object with more mass has more gravitational force acting on it. To understand these ideas, it is useful to think of objects moving in a horizontal direction before thinking about the vertical motion of a rocket. Horizontal Rocket Motion:Continue reading “DOES MASS HAVE ANY ROLE IN ROCKET PROPULSION?”


INTRODUCTION: Atlas is a family of US missiles and space launch vehicles that originated with the SM-65 Atlas. Atlas was a liquid propellant rocket burning RP-1 fuel with liquid oxygen in three engines configured in an unusual “stage-and-a-half” or “parallel staging” design. The Atlas was used as the expendable launch system with both the AgenaContinue reading “THE ATLAS FAMILY”